[testimonial avatar=”783″ name=”Jessica Moyer” company=”Weber-Rector Commercial Real Estate Services”]The biggest reason we became a Managed Services client with Matrix was for the flat rate monthly billing. Predictable billing is really nice to have so we know what our overhead is going to be. Before we signed up we would let problems linger and spend our time trying to fix computer issues instead of just calling Matrix. Now, we don’t hesitate to call them for any problems because we know it’s covered! The All Bases Covered Vendor Management saves me time and hassle because I don’t have to deal with our third party vendors anymore – Matrix takes care of that too.[/testimonial][testimonial avatar=”786″ name=”John S. Rochkind” company=”Carluzzo, Rochkind & Smith, P.C.”]Before Matrix our IT support guy was not as responsive as our business needs required. As our firm grew the need to have our IT problems solved quickly grew. Matrix came highly recommended and from the start I knew they were just what we needed. Since we are a Managed Services Client we get priority scheduling and when we call the helpdesk someone is always there to answer! We have no doubt we made the right choice in our IT Support![/testimonial][testimonial avatar=”787″ name=”T. Kevin Wilson” company=”The Wilson Law Firm”]Whenever I have an IT problem I always call Matrix. So, when I received an email stating they had a new backup solution that was far more advanced than the backup I was currently using, it caught my attention. When they came onsite that’s when I realized my backup drives were BOTH in the server closet. None of my employees had been switching them out or taking one of them home. If I actually had a disaster of some sort 20 years of business data would be gone. With Matrix Server backup I don’t have to worry about it because there are no drives that need to be changed out, it just happens and Matrix manages it. Even though I haven’t had any disasters or data loss in 20+ years I feel safer knowing that if anything happens Matrix can have me back up and in business in a few hours!

Even though I haven’t had any disasters or data loss in 20 years I feel safer knowing that Matrix has all my data backed up and recoverable both on premise and in the cloud.[/testimonial]


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