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With cloud-based desktops you can access your applications and data from anywhere


Work on your documents offline knowing they will sync back to your cloud desktop.

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Your applications and files reside in our secure cloud environment.

cloud-based desktops

Never buy another computer. Your desktops are all in the cloud now!

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Frequently asked questions

It’s your desktop computer in the cloud, accessible from all your devices. From your desktop, you are connected to all of your files and applications.  No crazy VPN or other software required.

You data is backed up 7 time s a day.  Backups are retained for 5 weeks but can be changed for longer retention.

Through any web browser, phone or tablet device.

When connected to your cloud desktop, you will be able to print on your local printer.

Just like always, you call Matrix for support.  If there’s a more serious issue, we will escalate it internally.